I am summarizing my knowledge of Deven Subramoney’s experience and capabilities in the field of reliability as I was the person who determined that he should be part of my reliability team (Hobbs Engineering). Up until two years ago, I was the owner of Hobbs Engineering, a seminar and consulting business that has been in existence for 40 years, working with companies all over the world. Many of our instructors are experts in their fields and have written multiple engineering textbooks so it was important that any new team member be equally qualified.

Due to Deven’s extensive knowledge in Reliability, it was apparent that he could assist us as a consultant in New Zealand. One of my instructors, Chet Haibel, was helping me with the technical issues and hiring of consultants for the business. The following are the areas of expertise that Chet was looking for in a consultant:







We found that Deven met these criteria exceptionally and that he was highly experienced and always willing to research new reliability strategies and challenge those that he felt would not work. We wanted someone from New Zealand who would feel comfortable spreading his knowledge to the wider engineering community. We believed Deven was the ideal person to represent us, and we employed him as a consultant.

Deven has been consulting with our design team for several years. In 2017 Deven started mentoring me in reliability, applying a teaching program that breaks down reliability into several processes and how to understand and apply them effectively. This has led to a significant increase in my own knowledge base. Some of the processes Deven and I have applied so far are HALT tests of new products as well as statistical analysis of historical data of our older products.

Working closely with Deven I have enjoyed his professionalism and willingness to share his wealth of expertise across the reliability field, Deven brings a very high standard of reliability engineering that he has obtained through his international experience in reliability engineering.

“Deven has been providing us with Reliability Engineering consultancy services since 2011. During this period, he has supported us in improving the designed-in reliability of new products, in reliability growth of existing product lines, and improving our internal capability and infrastructure for reliability engineering.

Deven has helped us :

  • defining reliability validation programs for specific new products
  • defining statistically valid tests within those programs
  • statistical analysis of test results
  • implementation of HALT testing as part of the NPD process
  • statistical analysis of field failure data
  • advising on the selection and introduction of reliability test equipment such as environmental chambers, and most recently a HALT chamber
  • supporting development of the business case for increased investment in reliability growth
  • training staff on reliability engineering methodology and practice

Deven has a high level of understanding of the mathematics, statistics, and underlying physics of reliability engineering, and considerable competence in the practical issues due to his large amount of experience in the field. I would highly recommend him to any company who requires help in this field as he is a true expert in his profession.”

Deven’s expertise in reliability engineering is world class. His experience and wealth of knowledge enables him to design a reliability program that’s fit for a business, and also to develop and train engineers towards a very advanced level. Commanding a wide range of reliability tools, he can derive optimal solutions to complex reliability related issues that challenge most businesses.